Recently, a large pine tree blew over onto my house. Being new to the area and not knowing who to call, I asked my neighbors who they recommended. TOM’S TREE SERVICE was at the top of everyone’s list. I called Tom Froster, the owner, who came out right away and wrote me a clear, descriptive job estimate. Later that day, he and his crew came out, and by the end of the day, had carefully removed the tree from my house. They also removed the stump and roots from my lawn and restored the yard where the stump had been.  Tom does what he says, in a timely fashion, for a fair price.Frank McNail, Norton Shores, MI,  (231) 798-1840 fmcnail@rjsutts.com
I could hardly believe the damage I found to my house when a limb larger than most trees crashed through my roof and ceiling one Saturday morning.  I knew the forecast called for rain the next day.  I tried several times to get my insurance company to respond and only got promises that were not fulfilled.  I had some professionals take a look at the job and they said it was much more than they could handle.  They suggested “Tom’s Tree Service” saying he was the best around.  No argument from me.Tom came out shortly after I called him Saturday night.  He said he would have a crane, bucket truck and crew there by 9:00am Sunday.  This was cutting it short, but he said he would beat the rain.  I arrived early so I could watch the work, but I was too late.  They were hard at work and had cleared most of the ground debris.  I watched them lift the limb out of my house, cover the hole with tarps and they finished the work while I was at church.  It took 600 years for that mighty oak to drop that limb and about a day for Tom and his crew to take care of it.  The price was right and the service was more than I could ask for.  Thanks Tom!  I hope I never need your help again, but I will keep your number written on the front of my phone book. Michael Christian shopdad@sbcglobal.net