Tree Removal

See the crew in action: Tree Removal With Crane: 

If  you’ve decided it’s time to remove your tree, we can provide complete tree removal services, which include brush chipping, log hauling and stump removal. For most tree removals we use our 65′ bucket truck. For large trees that present particularly formidable tasks such as removing large branches over roofs or lifting trunks from between houses we also utilize our hydraulic crane. If you have a tree you’d like removed but are apprehensive about heavy equipment moving across your property, we take care to protect your lawn by creating a roadway of  protective pads so your yard is not disturbed. We also have experienced tree climbers on our staff if mechanized equipment can’t reach your tree. If you have a tree you’d like removed or have questions regarding it’s health call or text (231) 777-1097 for a FREE ESTIMATE or email  axeman @ treetom . net