Stump Grinding

Are you tired of looking at that stump in your yard? Or tripping over the same old root every time you mow the lawn?  Perhaps you have a low spot in your yard where a previous tree was removed, but the stump wasn’t removed properly. These are common problems with stumps. They also provide a breeding ground for insects such as ants and bees. We can efficiently and safely remove stumps without excavating a large hole in your yard. We have two stump grinders, a tow-behind model for the big jobs and a portable machine that is easy on your lawn and can get at those hard-to-reach stumps. We typically grind a stump 6”-8” below grade to remove it, or deeper if need be. An option we offer is hauling the debris that accumulates from the grinding process. (In most cases we recommend you do this because if you just level the grindings and cover them with dirt, a depression will form in your lawn as the grindings settle and rot.) And to restore your lawn, we supply screened topsoil and reseeding at little cost to you.We also remove tree roots and bushes.Call for a FREE ESTIMATE or email